We bring decades of experience to our work supporting life sciences partners. We consistently achieve our top-rated supplier status through our quality system, regulatory expertise, and strategic supply chain experience. 

Made In America

We’re not here to say I told you so - so we’ll just say welcome back.

Regionalized manufacturing is important. It’s important to supply chain security, but it is even more important to gain the agility necessary to thrive in the new world of advanced manufacturing and mass customization. 

Each and every product and service we provide has been Made in America since 1979.

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Production B, Boyd Biomedical, Lee, Massachusetts

Our headquarters and manufacturing are located in the Berkshires in Lee, Massachusetts, where we started as a business over 40 years ago. The Berkshires are home to world class cultural attractions, spectacular outdoor recreation, and a famous farm-to-table food scene.

We like to think that these foundations - which have made the Berkshires a premiere, trusted destination and a thriving example of rural living - are deeply rooted in our culture and embodied by our core values.

We believe that our success depends on individuals who are personally committed to the core values embedded in our cultural DNA.