Growth Services for Biomedical Innovators

We provide the services you need to design, build, and launch regulated devices and liquid media solutions. 

Our growth platform is a better path to innovation. We help you enhance your innovation by improving your time to market, filling your competency gaps, and increasing your agility. Launch your breakthrough innovation – the best way – for patients, practitioners, and all of us who seek to advance healthcare together. 


We provide design services for clients who need product and process development support for regulated devices and components.


We manufacture regulated devices and components as well as liquid media solutions. We are an ISO 13485 certified, and FDA registered medical device contract manufacturer.


We provide commercial services to clients who need scale up support and growth services as they introduce new products into the market.

Simplify The Complexity of Healthcare

Healthcare is going through a period of disruption

Product lifecycles have shrunk, product portfolios have exploded in size and diversity, and fragmented markets have disrupted traditional business operations.

Brands must accommodate and adapt to these changes

Brands must commercialize products faster to maximize time in the market. Achieving this requires rapid multidisciplinary innovation that delivers more complex products in less time.

But, there are significant obstacles in the way

The path to faster innovation requires deep technical expertise across multiple disciplines, and it involves more complex supply networks to access non-core capabilities.

We remove obstacles and enhance innovation

We provide growth services to design, build, and launch regulated devices and liquid media solutions. Our services enhance innovation by improving time to market, filling competency gaps, and increasing agility.

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