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3 minute read

Breakdown of a Lateral Flow Test Strip

  In Brief Lateral flow test strips are simple, easy-to-use devices that can detect the presence or absence of a target analyte (chemical or substance) in a specimen...

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3 minute read

Lab-on-Chip: an Overview

  In Brief Lab-on-chip (LOC) technology has the potential to provide a robust and portable point-of-care (POC) toolset at a fraction of the size and cost of conventional...

Blog Header 578 x 480 (Biocompatibility Testing)
3 minute read

Biocompatibility Testing for Surface Medical Devices: An Overview

  In Brief All medical device companies must subject their products to a volley of FDA-approved tests to establish the safety of their devices. A particular series of...

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4 minute read

3D Bioprinting in Orthopedics

  In Brief The use of flexible materials in the medical field has revolutionized the treatment of a variety of conditions. Orthopedics, in particular, has the potential...

Email Header 600 x 450 - Charlie Cooney (B&W)
5 minute read

Interview: Following up with Professor Charles Cooney on Bioprocessing

  In Brief We had the opportunity to sit down with Charles L. Cooney (Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT) to discuss what he sees as being on the...

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3 minute read

Challenges and Risks in Batch Bioprocessing

  In Brief Batch bioprocessing is the industry standard in biopharmaceutical production. Although the advancements in biomedical technology that have allowed for batch...

Blog Header (578 x 480) Single-Use Lab Space
3 minute read

Mutual Dependence: Continuous Bioprocessing and Single-Use Systems

  In Brief The rise of continuous biomanufacturing (CBP) is tied to the ascendance of single-use systems (SUS). Single-use disposables enable CBP by providing a high...

Blog Header 578 x 480 (Single-use Bioprocessing)
3 minute read

How Recent Innovations to Detectors and Sensors Have Made Continuous Bioprocessing Viable

  In Brief It has been known for some time that continuous bioprocessing would be a useful strategy in biopharmaceutical production, but it was not quite possible on an...

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