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4 minute read

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Trying to Reverse Engineer Adhesive

In Brief The process of reverse engineering is demanding work: an analyst initially works with limited information about a product and uses that information to analyze...

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5 minute read

Filtration Solution and Medical Membrane Device Development in IVD Applications: Current and Future Challenges

In Brief The surging trends of an aging global population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and the rise in outbreaks of infectious diseases have helped to expand...

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3 minute read

Membranes: Material Characteristics and Applications for In-Vitro Diagnostics

In Brief Industrially manufactured membranes play a vital role in the effectiveness of in vitro diagnostics instruments and procedures, such as protein assays and...

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4 minute read

Current IVD Industry Trends & Technologies: Faster, Smarter, & More Personalized

In Brief According to a2016 report in PLoS One, between 60 and 70% of medical decisions are made based on the results of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing. Using the...

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4 minute read

Common Material Challenges in Miniaturizing In Vitro Diagnostics

In Brief The miniaturization of diagnostic tests comes with several unique challenges. The aim is to transform the fast turnaround time and specificity of Lab on a...

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3 minute read

Demystifying Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEAs) in Medical Device Manufacturing

In Brief Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a design review tool used to identify and correct all possible failures in a product, service, design or...

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3 minute read

Breakdown of a Lateral Flow Test Strip

In Brief Lateral flow test strips are simple, easy-to-use devices that can detect the presence or absence of a target analyte (chemical or substance) in a specimen...

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3 minute read

Lab-on-Chip: an Overview

In Brief Lab-on-chip (LOC) technology has the potential to provide a robust and portable point-of-care (POC) toolset at a fraction of the size and cost of conventional...

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3 minute read

Biocompatibility Testing for Surface Medical Devices: An Overview

In Brief All medical device companies must subject their products to a volley of FDA-approved tests to establish the safety of their devices. A particular series of...

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