Jeff Trail

Jeff graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in Economics. Jeff has 18 years of sales experience with a strong focus on medical devices and product development services. Jeff sold disposable and capital equipment medical devices to hospital operating rooms for 11 years. Jeff then focused on selling medical device product development services and 3D printers. Jeff has sold 3D printers to hospitals 3D printing anatomical models, dentists and dental labs 3D printing scanned teeth and appliances, and medical device companies 3D printing prototypes. Jeff joined Boyd in 2018 as Regional Sales Manager. Jeff's favorite activities are skiing and racing triathlons.

2 minute read

Polymer Basics for Polystyrene

Polystyrene is one of the most versatile plastic resin materials and is found in many widely used products. This strong, solid plastic is useful in many manufacturing...

3 minute read

6 In Vitro Diagnostic Trends For 2021

In Brief The global in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market has weathered the effects of COVID-19 to register impressive growth in 2020 and 2021. A recent report reveals the...

5 minute read

Medical Device Market Snapshot: Opportunities for 2021 & Beyond

The response to COVID-19 has served as an ongoing lesson that is driving significant changes in the healthcare system. As with global manufacturing, the pandemic...

3 minute read

5 Key Considerations When Designing Drug Delivery Devices

In the current highly competitive medical device marketplace, drug delivery devices are among the fastest growing segment. Drug delivery and fluid management devices are...

3 minute read

Polymer Basics for Polyamides

Chemists and life scientists define polyamides as polymers whose repeating molecular units are chained together with amide links. These materials integrate hardness,...

3 minute read

Supply Chain Risk: How to Identify and Manage Liability

In today's highly competitive marketplace, healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers need to prioritize supply chain risk management to avoid costly...

2 minute read

Polymer Basics for High Temperature Thermoplastics

High temperature thermoplastics are melt-processable plastics with extreme heat resistance. They are also referred to as high performance or engineering polymers due...

2 minute read

Sterilization Compatibility for Natural Polymers

Unlike synthetic polymers derived from petroleum, natural polymers occur in nature and can be extracted. These polymers are either formed by addition polymerization or...

3 minute read

Sterilization Compatibility for Synthetic Polymers

Synthetic polymers are essential in various medical applications as they are used to make a range of healthcare devices. They replace glass, metal, and other standard...

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