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About Us

We’re on a mission to provide the best services to biomedical companies commercializing breakthrough innovations. Patients can’t wait and in our partnerships we advance health care together.

Brand Vision

Confronting the Complexity of Healthcare

Biomedical innovations are advancing more rapidly than any time in human history. But the path to commercialization is filled with obstacles because healthcare is complex. For too many patients, this means critical therapies could take too long, cost too much, or never even arrive.

Brand Vision

We Envision A Better Future

Underneath this complexity we see a new vision of healthcare emerging. We see passionate people and companies who want to do things differently. They want to do things in a modern sustainable way – the best way – for patients, practitioners, and all of us who seek to advance healthcare together.

Brand Vision

Our Story

In 1979, Boyd Biomedical, originally Boyd Converting Company, was founded in Lee, Massachusetts. We started with the promise of providing highly valued services to customers who were developing complex technical products. Our deep technical expertise is rooted in these early days.

Today, we focus that expertise entirely on services supporting biomedical innovations. Every day our team comes to work with one goal - which is to help our customers commercialize breakthrough innovations.

Board of Directors

Boyd Biomedical is a privately held business led by its Senior Leadership Team and our Board of Directors. We're proud to have such a talented group oversee our business. 

Bronly S. Boyd


Scott M. Hand

Lead Director

Jason Purcell


Charles L. Cooney


Cary G. Bullock


B. Stephen Boyd

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew B. Boyd

Chief Commercial Officer

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