Webinar: MedTech Supply Chain Strategies - How to Grow Faster with Less Risk by Leveraging Your Manufacturing Partners


In today's evolving regulatory environment, supply chain transparency is a game-changing differentiator. Collaborating with manufacturing partners who have excellent supplier relationships and a deep understanding of materials can revolutionize the product development process. Even after a robust supply chain has been established, there are still hurdles in commercializing a medical device. Often, in an attempt to conserve resources, cutting corners in the design process leads to product failure. One way to mitigate this risk is to establish a comprehensive validation plan that does not compromise quality and reaps long-term cost savings. In this webinar, we discuss leveraging manufacturing partners to keep pace with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

What We Cover:

We discuss critical differentiators for consideration in bringing a new medical device to market:
  • How updates to regulations have placed an increased level of scrutiny on medical device manufacturers
  • How good partnerships can create a robust, transparent supply chain
  • How leveraging those partnerships help manage risk when bringing a new medical device to market
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