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3 minute read

Thoughts From a Material Sourcing Millennial

In Brief It’s Monday morning and I have 5 material sourcing projects laying on my desk that I need to work through before my 10 AM sales call where I need to deliver...

Blog Header 658x223 (The Material Sourcing Paradigm Shift - 2016)
1 minute read

The Material Sourcing Paradigm Shift - 2016

Abstract Advanced flexible materials represent a large global market that spans a wide variety of industries and applications. As a result, the market is influenced by...

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6 minute read

5 Tests Critical to the End Use Applications of Nonwovens

In Brief Nonwovens testing of physical and mechanical properties are essential to determining their end-use applications. For example, if a nonwoven has high...

2 minute read

3 Keys to Strong Supply Chain Management

In Brief Supply chain management plays a key role in the success of any business. Building a strong relationship with your suppliers within your supply chain will...

4 minute read

Don’t Let Your Supplier Write Your Material Specification

In Brief This seems obvious, doesn’t it? After all, it's your specification so why would you let another interested party define something so critical to you and your...

4 minute read

Understanding Composite Materials: Tapes

In Brief At first thought tapes sound like a simple concept; a long, narrow piece of material that is sticky on one side and used to hold things together. However, in...

Seaching online for advanced flexible materials
5 minute read

How to Successfully Search Online for Advanced Flexible Materials

In Brief The process of online search and discovery has become a daily part of our lives. The days of walking blindly into a shop, picking through some things, and...

5 minute read

Effectively Dual Source a Supply Chain for Advanced Flexible Materials

In Brief In advanced flexible materials markets dual sourcing is frequently discussed and commonly required, but how well it is executed is often times a different...

Sourcing advanced flexible materials | flexible foams, flexible composites, etc.
7 minute read

5 Simple Rules to Source Advanced Flexible Materials More Effectively

In Brief Material sourcing is a challenging task. It is both time consuming and difficult to identify high quality vendors of advanced flexible materials - such as...

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