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2 minute read

Electrospun Nanofibers Take Technical Textiles to a New Level

In Brief "Smart" devices, appliances, glasses, watches, clothing, and numerous other items have flooded the market in recent years. The global market for the smart...

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3 minute read

Biosensors Benefiting from Newly Created Protein Polymer Films

In Brief The biosensor market is seeing tremendous growth, partly due to the aging population and the increasing number of people with diabetes and other chronic...

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3 minute read

Advances in Exoskeletal Materials

In Brief Developments in prostheses and robot technology have advanced rapidly, leading to the manufacture of devices known as 'exoskeletons.' These rigid devices,...

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3 minute read

What Makes a Material "Medical Grade"?

In Brief Materials used in the healthcare and medical setting must often carry the title "medical grade." But what defines a material as "medical grade"?...

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3 minute read

Auxetic Materials Offer New Options in the Medical and Life Sciences Fields

In Brief Auxetic materials are characterized by becoming thicker perpendicular to the applied force when stretched. This is caused by the way their particular internal...

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3 minute read

5 Types of Flexible Composites Transforming Your Healthcare

In Brief Simply put, a composite is a material made from two or more materials that have different properties. When combined together, the chemical and physical...

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3 minute read

Recent Innovations on Biodegradable Materials and Transient Electronics

In Brief Transient electronics, also known as biodegradable electronics, is an emerging technology being explored across many fields and for various applications. When...

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3 minute read

Hurricane Harvey's Disruption and Ongoing Impact to Film Supply Chain

In Brief Almost six months after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Houston, Texas metro area, countless business and economic sectors are still trying to...

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3 minute read

Functionalizing Foams Used in Medical Applications

In Brief Many factors drive the advancements in wound care and the use of flexible materials in the medical field. Three major sectors are the aging population,...

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